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How to Make Photo Booth Props on Budget

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As a parent, making your child's birthday party memorable is always a priority. You want your child and their friends to have a carefree day filled with cake and fun. A photo booth can be a great addition to just about any party. Not only will it allow the guests to be silly and let loose, but it also gives everyone a party favor to take with them. Photos from the party are a great way for everyone to remember the amazing time that they spent together. If you are on a tight budget, you can still have a cool photo booth by making some of your own props. Making your own photo booth props is possible on just about any budget if you follow a few helpful tips.


Cardstock will be a lifesaver when you are trying to make photo booth props. You can find images online and then print them out using cardstock paper. Cardstock is heavier and more durable than regular printer paper. Choose popular images depending on the theme of the birthday party. If it is a princess-themed party, you can print crowns, lips, tiaras and long hair onto cardstock. You can then just glue the cardstock images that have been cut out to wooden sticks. For a pirate-themed party, you can print out fun images like a pirate hat, a scope, an eye patch, a parrot and anything else that is in line with the theme. The party guests can then hold the sticks up to their face and the props will look great in the photos. A photo frame that has no back is also a really cool prop to use, and most people can find one within their home.


If you are looking to have a more personalised backdrop for your photo booth that will match the props that you create, you do not have to spend a ton of money. It is possible to make a backdrop for your photo booth by just using tissue paper. Applying a few sheets of tissue paper in fun colors using sticky tape is a great way to make a fun backdrop that will look great in the photos, but it is also really affordable. You can then string up ribbons or fabric that are in line with the theme. You can place these vertically along the tissue paper and position them high to add a bit more style to each photo that is taken.

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