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3 Major Things to Consider When Hiring a Marquee for Your Charity Event

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Having an outdoor event for your charity fundraiser can be a unique venue, and can be a great way to bring your supporters into the area where you are actually doing your work. It can work well for school fundraisers, as well as conservation events where you can bring the supporters to the forefront of the work that needs doing rather than subjecting them to another boring dinner and speech.

If you've decided to make things interesting and engaging through marquee services, here are some things to consider when planning your event.


If you want this event to be a more formal event it can be a good idea to hire a marquee with a transportable floor. This can allow your donors to come in more formal clothes and adds a classier air to the event. Consider how people will get to and from the tent, as you don't want guests in shoes get stuck in swampy ground on the way to your wetlands fundraiser.

If you are picturing a more casual event, such as bird spotting event for a local wildlife fundraiser, a ground floor may be suitable instead. Your guests will be more likely to come in rambling shoes for an event of this nature!


If your event is not likely to be a perfect temperature, either due to heat or coldness, you may want to have some air-conditioning working. Many marquees can be hired with small portable generators, which can run air conditioning as well as food preparation, lighting and AV equipment. If you are looking for speeches, having AV equipment can help your guests be heard at all time but if you choose not have a powered marquee battery powered sound projectors and microphones can give an impressive volume level.

Tables and seating

While the event may be billed as a cocktail event, if some of your donors are ill or easily tired it can also be a great idea to have some seating on offer. If your donors are comfortable at the event they are more likely to stay longer and hopefully donate more money to your cause! Consider hiring some tables for people to rest drinks, exchange details or simply rest bags while they are doing other things. 

A marquee can be a fun and unique venue for your next fundraiser with some planning of the best way to highlight your cause. Why not contact a marquee hire firm like Penrith Party Hire to see what marquee might be suitable for your event?